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In addition to cost transparency, MiFID II essentially means that individual securities orders may no longer be placed, but that the client's portfolio must be taken into account as a whole. With its virtual portfolio analysis, financeManager has created a flexible set of tools to make the advisory process as simple as possible despite legal requirements.


financeManager guarantees the desired security at all times. With sophisticated systems that meet the latest security standards, the bank, the customer and their connection are successfully protected. Your bank data is protected against all known types of attacks and meets the high security requirements of the banking industry.


Use of current technology and established standard technology makes the software powerful, easy to maintain and expandable. Various interfaces such as GEOs and BEMA (Raiffeisen Tokyo Block = RT) enable extensions. Due to the long experience of the team, the software - unlike many other systems - could be built in a top-down design and thus completely planned from the beginning.

Multichannel Banking

Multichannel banking offers the possibility of connecting to all platforms, whether mobile, tablet or PC. This also includes all of the bank's branches. All online and offline channels are always connected and ensure a fast flow of information. This extensive interconnectivity is necessary because the process from initial interest to the actual conclusion of a service or product purchase often takes place via multiple channels. With the help of application management (e.g., opening a securities account) and order book functionality, financeManager also takes care of a lot of additional administrative work for the bank.

Quality Improvement

financeManager is not just a simple product, but a comprehensive solution that simplifies the bank's daily operations. In addition to the latest security standards, the option of seamless communication between advisor and bank or insurance company is provided. To ensure complete transparency, all processes are equipped with comprehensive control functions and are fully traceable. Our application provides the entire functionality on a single platform and ensures that efforts and costs are always minimized.


Document Management

Document management contains custom documents that can be used directly in the application. This eliminates unnecessary administrative work for the bank, as documents can be delivered by post or electronically. Both time and money are saved here. This module is also supported by Multichannel Banking, so that users are able to access their documents from anywhere at any time.

Order Book

The order book contains the purchase and sale of securities, whereby distributions, modifications and regroupings are handled in an organized manner. An open order book is also available. More accurate order routing ensures better organization and faster information processing. Order routing has been optimized for both online and mobile use, ensuring uninterrupted availability.

Service Platform

Our service platform enables the software to be used as an active business platform. In addition to managing customer data, it also offers service functionality and serves as an information point or assistant for sales and management. Access rights for all employees can also be controlled directly within this module. A search function provides an easy overview of the entire data stock in order to retrieve detailed information.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management offers comprehensive options for managing assets and monitoring risk. The portfolio list is another part of the asset overview and clearly displays the individual portfolios with the associated accounts and securities accounts. The total balance as well as the balance of the individual securities accounts and accounts of the respective portfolio are displayed.

Order Management

With order management, not only the normal, transactional banking business, but also customer, account and custody accounts were digitized. This component ensures faster workflows and optimized processes.

Commissions & Fees

The commission and fee calculation takes care of the corresponding accounting including processing. For example, the processing of kick-back fees from issuers is done automatically. Since there are no limits to the requirements regarding commissions, the module was developed to be as flexible as possible and offers a variety of options for the user. It is also possible to calculate commission models. Based on various business cases, the entire module is designed to work with any data from the overall system. This results in consistent and transparent billing for the end customer.

Agent Portal

Our agent portal provides the best possible support for agents. It is integrated into online banking and also available on mobile devices. Personal support for investment customers ensures satisfaction, increased trust in the bank and making customers feel comfortable with their bank. The module thus makes a significant contribution to strengthening the relationship between customer and agent.

Customer Portal

The customer portal offers end customers the opportunity to plan and keep an eye on their finances. The customer is independent of any advisor or product issuer and can freely choose the right product. Simple in design and precisely crafted for your customers, this module is optimized for them to take care of their daily banking business.