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Agent Portal

Our agent portal provides the best possible support for agents. It is integrated into online banking and also available on mobile devices. Personal support for investment customers ensures satisfaction, increased trust in the bank and making customers feel comfortable with their bank. The module thus makes a significant contribution to strengthening the relationship between customer and agent.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Our module has been precisely adapted to the needs of customers and gives them more control over their bank account. This increases transparency and the customer's own initiative and ensures that the customer has the freedom to make his own decisions. Decision-making is supported with meaningful and objective information. In addition, joint and forward-looking planning with optimized and more efficient analysis and monitoring enables the best possible asset development - in the interest of both the bank and the customer.

Selected information

Agents are informed about all customer activities, such as transfers or securities transactions. The type of information displayed can be parameterized for the bank at any time and can be set individually. The aim is to forward all relevant customer information to the agent and to hide sensitive customer data from the agent. This way, the agent is always informed about the customer's current status, but the customer's privacy is still guaranteed.

Advanced Search Function

Consultants have their own search function, which is particularly important in this module. Here of course only searches in the own database are possible. Exceptions are consultants with executive functions, who also have access to the consultant selection and can search the inventory of all departments and sub-departments assigned to them.