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Customer Portal

The customer portal offers end customers the opportunity to plan and keep an eye on their finances. The customer is independent of any advisor or product issuer and can freely choose the right product. Simple in design and precisely crafted for your customers, this module is optimized for them to take care of their daily banking business.

Even the filling out of a form with the DigitalPen can be recorded like a video and is therefore fully electronically traceable and offers legal security for customers as well as consultants.

Versatile Functions

Customers can choose from a wide variety of functions. For example, a presentation of assets (which is appropriate for private banking), the ability to carry out transfers and standing orders independently, as well as to order securities transactions including charges and fees, or an overview of all account and securities account movements. In addition, the current account balance is displayed and also a contract overview of all concluded contracts. Numerous options make it easier for customers to work with their accounts, securities accounts, securities and much more.

Countless Benefits

On the one hand, this module strengthens the customer's relationship with the bank, and on the other it gives customers freedom and new insights into their finances. Personal management of one's own banking data becomes a completely new experience with this module. This creates satisfaction for the customer and also for the bank - because a satisfied customer is a long-term customer.

Personal Payments

The customer portal not only offers the convenience of an overview, but also the possibility of regulating payment transactions for both domestic and foreign countries. Whether single or standing order, purchase or sale of securities, DTA or direct debit transactions - everything works simply, quickly and in compliance with the highest security standards.