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Order Management

With order management, not only the normal, transactional banking business, but also customer, account and custody accounts were digitized. This component ensures faster workflows and optimized processes.


One of the main features of this component is the possibility of opening securities accounts or accounts as well as subsequent subscriptions in electronic form. All process steps of the customer investment, account and custody account opening up to securities orders (also reallocations) can be recorded digitally and sent fully electronically to the bank's internal software.

Faster Customer Service

In most systems, the opening of a securities account is the main focus for the customer and only after successful opening can the first transactions be placed in the securities account. Order management creates a consistent concept here. The completion of the entire transaction, i.e. the opening of the securities account including securities transactions, is made possible for the customer in one step. Both the opening of the securities account and the securities transaction are completed within a very short time, and the customer can track the results of their transactions online in real time.