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Portfolio Management

Portfolio management offers comprehensive options for managing assets and monitoring risk. The portfolio list is another part of the asset overview and clearly displays the individual portfolios with the associated accounts and securities accounts. The total balance as well as the balance of the individual securities accounts and accounts of the respective portfolio are displayed.

Portfolio management enables clients to get an overview of their portfolios and the products they contain. Furthermore, for each portfolio a detailed view with asset development, composition (including historical performance), a client performance report (appropriate for a private banking), as well as a risk guard rail management and much more is available. It is also possible to aggregate multiple portfolios into a combined client performance report. All data in a portfolio is kept up to date at all times. For example, when the price of a contained security changes, the performance, as well as all profit and loss figures for the portfolio are recalculated, so that the portfolio is always up-to-date.

Reliable Portfolio Risk Monitoring

For the customers' security, the module can check all customer assets. These can include the desired investment duration, investment and income targets, liquid asset targets, or the freely disposable income per year. Thanks to the use of Big Data technology and systematic portfolio monitoring, investment advice is consequently optimized even further.

Instant Notification

In case of differences from an established customer profile in the portfolio, the customer can be informed by e-mail or SMS, which saves him the daily check of his online account. In addition to the notifications, investment proposals are also presented and it is possible to simply make an online appointment with the customer advisor at any time. This way, the customer is always well informed and can request additional consulting services if necessary.