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In addition to cost transparency, MiFID II essentially means that individual securities orders may no longer be placed, but that the client's portfolio must be taken into account as a whole. With its virtual portfolio analysis, financeManager has created a flexible set of tools to make the advisory process as simple as possible despite legal requirements.

In contrary to conventional implementations, financeManager includes features for the virtual calculation of the active position including the future order business. On this basis, the suitability of the portfolio can be checked in advance. Not only are target market checks calculated in real time, but also risk distribution, expected risk and detailed fees are determined. This ultimately results in a legally compliant offer letter to the customer in accordance with MiFID II, which the customer can then even sign electronically. The advisory process thus remains fully electronic and simple, despite complex legal requirements. Electronic support makes it possible to maintain the full range of products for private banking in order to meet customer requirements in this sector.