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Multichannel Banking

Multichannel banking offers the possibility of connecting to all platforms, whether mobile, tablet or PC. This also includes all of the bank's branches. All online and offline channels are always connected and ensure a fast flow of information. This extensive interconnectivity is necessary because the process from initial interest to the actual conclusion of a service or product purchase often takes place via multiple channels. With the help of application management (e.g., opening a securities account) and order book functionality, financeManager also takes care of a lot of additional administrative work for the bank.

Customer Friendly Operation

A device-optimized solution for multichannel operation is created for you on the basis of the latest development frameworks. Whether via web, tablet or smart phone, whether Microsoft, Android or iOS - the users will find themselves in their familiar environment and be able to carry out the entire banking transaction with just a few clicks. Both customer and advisor can use the new way of communication and data exchange to quickly and easily retrieve information or react to market conditions - digital banking in it's most modern form.

Mobile Banking

Today, a lot of customers want to manage their banking transactions via their mobile devices. finAngel makes it possible: In the future, all important banking functions can be displayed on mobile devices for advisors and customers. E-banking can be accessed from all common devices and contact with the advisor can be established much easier. This means that customers always have their bank and their advisor with them, while complying with the highest security standards.

Adaptive Application

Our application automatically adapts to the needs of both customers and consultants. Depending on this, different functions are available. For advisors, for example, their customers' accounts or securities accounts and the actions on their financial investments are visible. At the same time, the customer's privacy is protected, as the advisor can only see the activities that are relevant to him. Furthermore, advisors have an additional birthday list and a log of customer conversations held. The application thus also strengthens the bond between customer and advisor.


The need for security also exists with mobile devices and this is guaranteed by financeManager. Today's security standards for stationary applications have been made mobile for this purpose and thus guarantee full security in mobile banking. In addition to the password, the user can additionally protect his mobile bank account with an NFC functionality.

So, how does the customer get an NFC chip? They don't have to get one - in fact, they already have one.
Almost every bank customer carries an NFC chip with them through their ATM card. The chip can be paired with the customer's mobile device for even greater security. By holding the card to the device, the banking app is unlocked and the password can be entered. If desired, the customer can also enable transfers and the like using only the NFC card, so the level of security is determined by the customer.