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Quality Improvement

financeManager is not just a simple product, but a comprehensive solution that simplifies the bank's daily operations. In addition to the latest security standards, the option of seamless communication between advisor and bank or insurance company is provided. To ensure complete transparency, all processes are equipped with comprehensive control functions and are fully traceable. Our application provides the entire functionality on a single platform and ensures that efforts and costs are always minimized.

Allround Software - Always and Everywhere

The software integrates easily and seamlessly with all systems and is open to third-party providers. Both online and mobile, financeManager offers extensive functionality for the bank, insurance company and customers. Customers and advisors can conduct their banking transactions independent of time and location. The application is available on all common operating systems and mobile devices and adapts to any screen size.

Convenient Use

Design plays an important role in banking, which is why financeManager focuses not only on extensive functionality, but also on intuitive and attractive design. The visually appealing design is achieved through a consistent user experience with graphical layouts, subdivisions into logical steps and simple, transparent transactions. Information has also been reduced to the point where the customer can see the most important texts and messages at a glance, but is not overwhelmed. Detailed views with all elaborate information are of course also available. This increases the customer's trust in the bank and ensures long-term satisfaction. In addition, the design can be adapted to the corporate identity of each bank, ensuring a high recognition factor for your bank.

Search Function

A search function provides clarity and faster orientation in financeManager. All search dialogs are structured according to the same scheme, making them easier to use. Depending on whether the consultant, customer or bank employee is logged in, the search function is adapted to the appropriate person.


financeManager is developed language independent and can be set up for any language. Both system-internal messages and the entire user interface are taken into account.