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financeManager guarantees the desired security at all times. With sophisticated systems that meet the latest security standards, the bank, the customer and their connection are successfully protected. Your bank data is protected against all known types of attacks and meets the high security requirements of the banking industry.

All actions are secured by mobile TANs, but the use of electronic signatures and other security mechanisms can also be made available.

Encryption Systems

All data streams exchanged between financeManager and the user are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. In addition, financeManager has two-way authorization to ensure data protection. In addition to the usual login procedures, financeManager also offers the option of signing and encrypting documents of all kinds.This way, financeManager guarantees a bank-compliant level of security.

Secure Passwords

Passwords are checked for their quality in financeManager. For example, a password must consist of at least eight characters and contain special characters and numbers. User-specific information such as user names and the like are not permitted as passwords. To ensure that the account of the customer, consultant and bank employee remains successfully protected over a long period of time, a new password can or must be set after specified periods of time. There are also clear rules regarding the reusability of passwords, whereby financeManager ensures complete security over an unlimited period of time.

Privacy Protection

Every customer movement is precisely recorded by financeManager. Information obtained, such as features being used and customer interests, can be used for analysis and data mining. Especially in the banking sector, advertising can quickly scare off customers and cause them to question the security of the banking software or even switch to a competitor. We therefore recommend handling the gathered information very carefully.