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More than 20 years of experience


DI. Dr. Mustafa Radi


As an expert in securities trading and banking, and having worked for many years in the areas of business processes, unit-linked life insurance and investment advice, I can rely on my rich experience in the banking sector. In addition to sector-specific expertise, I also have the technical know-how thanks to my education, so that I can communicate our clients' requirements to my team in the best possible way. In more than 20 years, I have managed and supervised countless projects and thus helped many companies to succeed.

Marc Brexner


Already at a young age, I developed a great passion for technology and programming. I have been working at finAngel since 2016 and am faced with new technical challenges every day. Over time, I have been able to deeply expand not only my knowledge of the digital banking world, but also my expertise in the financial sector and have taken on responsibility for the technical management, so that our products are developed in a future-oriented way and according to modern standards.

History & Prospects for the Future

We were created as a spin-off from a joint venture between centec and the GRAWE Group. In 2015, we took over all software rights from the joint venture with the aim of modernising the financial sector. Our focus lies on offering new, modern technologies on an international level. We focus on the quick and clear presentation of the most important data. We enable banks, distributors and insurance companies to put together individually adapted software from our modules in order to build their own business and optimise their processes. We also support start-up companies by allowing them to use our software as a template and develop it further without limitations (OpenAPI). We deliberately focus on completely new business models in order to break up the rigid systems of large companies and ultimately create new, independent market access for consumers in the financial sector.

Advisory Board

Guntram Bock

Guntram Bock, who graduated with a PhD in economics, worked for many years as CEO of companies in energy and environmental technology sectors. Numerous supervisory and board mandates complement his international professional experience.

Since 2020, he has been involved as an advisor, investor and mentor. His areas of expertise are corporate governance, generational change, sustainability and marketing.

Stefan W. Herzberg

Stefan W. Herzberg is an experienced CEO and entrepreneur. For many years, he was at the head of listed trading companies in Germany before taking the role as global COO of General Electric's MRI division in the USA. After that, he led the innovation lab of one of the largest hospital chains in the US as a co-founder.

Since 2019, he has been actively involved as an investor, supervisory board member and mentor in the US as well as in Europe.

Doris Tomanek

Doris Tomanek used to be an internationally responsible Human Resources Director in the consumer goods and financial industries for over 30 years, including nine years on the Management Board of UniCredit Bank Austria. She was responsible for HR strategy and implementation in growth markets, mergers & acquisitions as well as restructuring and transformation. She is INSEAD Certified International Director and has experience in various supervisory board functions in Austria, CEE and Italy.

Christoph von Tschirschnitz

Christoph von Tschirschnitz is an internationally experienced CEO who worked several years for car manufacturers and a mobility provider

Today, he advises companies in the renewable energy and mobility industry and is member of several supervisory and advisory boards.

Currently he is building up an industrial tech company with an innovative glass manufacturing technology.

Michael T. Weilguny

Michael T. Weilguny has been a senior executive in the IT industry for more than 30 years with a focus on digitalization. He is the founder of the supervisory board platform "Digital Governance Excellence" with the vision of bringing digital and technical know-how to supervisory boards. He completed the supervisory board training "Professional Supervisory Board Activities" at the Danube University Krems. At finAngel, he contributes to the board with his network of experts, support in the areas of IT, digitalization and sales.

We support young talents

Together with AHS and HTL students, we tried to present financeManager in sound and vision as part of a summer project.